Packing supplies at Safe Storage in Kennebunk, Maine

Packing & Moving Supplies

Make your moving and storage process simple and efficient with the right packing supplies. At Safe Storage, we can provide you with bubble wrap, packing tape, and more. In addition, our shop is stocked with a variety of boxes, so you can choose the right-sized packaging for your items.

Store Smart

Storing a large library? Books can add up in weight when packed together. Choose small cartons and keep the total weight to 30 pounds or under. Your back will thank you. As you pack your items, be sure to list them on the outside of the box so you can find things later. When moving items into your storage unit, keep the heavy items at the bottom and place any items you will need to access regularly toward the front of your unit. Fragile items like glassware and ceramics should be carefully packed and placed on top. For more packing tips, swing by our shop today.

To learn more about the supplies that we have for sale at Safe Storage, give us a call. We look forward to assisting you with your move.