Packing supplies at Safe Storage in Parsonsfield, Maine

Packing & Moving Supplies in Parsonsfield

Have you run out of boxes or bubble wrap for your big move? Safe Storage can help. We specialize in all things packing and moving. Our Parsonsfield, Maine, facility is stocked with a variety of items to make packing for a cross-country trip or a cross-town move easier than ever. We offer numerous box sizes that can accommodate a variety of items, from dishes and books to decor, clothing, and more.

We’ve Got You Covered

If you have delicate items to transport, we’ve got you covered. Pick up bubble wrap, tape, and newsprint right here in our onsite shop. And if you need packing advice, we have plenty to share – we have lots of experience when it comes to packing, moving, and storing your items.

To learn more about our supplies for sale at Safe Storage, give us a call today. We look forward to assisting you with your move.